Seniors Ally Parra and Maggie Dowd have received the Heider Foundation Grit Scholarship to Creighton University.

This scholarship awards students who “have a high aptitude to succeed, but whose talents are not evident through the standard metrics used to qualify students for significant merit scholarships at Creighton University,” according to the university.

Q & A with Maggie Dowd (center in photo):

Q: How did you feel when you received this scholarship?

A: I was super excited to receive the Grit Scholarship. It was an honor to have been chosen.

Q: What do you hope to study in college?

A: I am planning to pursue a degree in education. My grade school teachers and my teachers at Duchesne have been an inspiration and certainly have shaped my educational goals.

Q: What do you hope to do after you are finished with college?

A: I would really like to work with people, especially kids, to inspire and hopefully fulfill their potential.

Q: How did your education at Duchesne prepare you for college?

A: Although I know college will be difficult, I feel Duchesne’s challenging curriculum has prepared me for Creighton University. Duchesne has helped me figure out how I learn and gave me the tools to succeed. I am thankful for all the teachers at Duchesne who have helped me throughout the years. I am especially appreciative of all of the help Mrs. Atherton has given me during my time at Duchesne. I would highly encourage any struggling students to reach out to her for guidance, she is amazing!

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