Students in the feminist club at Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart have been researching and studying the struggles women worldwide face when it comes to obtaining menstrual products. The more they learned, the more they felt the need to act.

“Though we learned about women all over the world, we decided on this project to help women in our community,” said club co-president Clary Doyle, A21.

Club members came together this week to design and create menstrual products to donate to local women’s shelters.

“We are learning facts about how many women are affected by not having access to menstrual products,” said club co-president Claire Helton, A21.

Low-income families and women in prisons are particularly disadvantaged because they don’t have the resources to get the products they need for their health, Helton said.

The club members say they continue to research women’s issues and plan ways to help local women.

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