OMAHA – There are many barriers female athletes face when it comes to competing on an even playing field, but one that many people overlook is access to basic sporting apparel. That is why Duchesne Academy soccer players worked together to collect new sports bras for The Sports Bra Project.

The Sports Bra Project provides new sports bras to girls & women in areas where the lack of access to this basic piece of equipment can prevent participation in sports. The SBP works with a number of different local groups to distribute the bras to girls who need them. The varsity and junior varsity teams collected and donated 54 sports bras to Football for the World Foundation, a local nonprofit that donates soccer equipment to children locally and globally.

“I think a lot of people overlook the fact that undergarments, such as sports bras, really do play a vital role in our daily lives and we can take them for granted. It was really cool to see our teams come together to provide for others who share our same passion for sports,” said Cora Zeger, A’22.

Junior Varsity Head Coach Emily Michaels brought the idea to Duchesne and led the effort.

“I thought it was a unique opportunity for us as an all-girls school to lead a drive for the SBP. As females, we do face more barriers and challenges when it comes to equal opportunities. Having a group of powerful, strong female athletes rally behind this cause is great,” Michaels said.

Varsity Head Coach Lauren Mueller said a major part of Duchesne’s program is service and building community. She and Michaels said they are proud of their players for embracing this project.

“They absolutely see the value in community service and involvement.  It is also humbling for us to realize and reflect on the fact that that we do not have the barriers to playing the sport that we love that many other girls and women do,” Mueller said.

The results of this drive have inspired the teams to find more ways to help fellow athletes.

“Although we will never know the exact people that our donations will reach, it is really encouraging to know that other female athletes will get to experience the joy that being a part of a team brings all of us and empowers me to do more,” said Madison Smith, A’21.


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