Classic car lovers in Omaha will have a rare chance to see a jaw-dropping, world-class muscle car collection in their own city. Duchesne Academy is partnering with Certified Transmission Owner and Founder Peter Fink to present Muscle Car Mania. The event will take place on December 2, 2021, at Fink’s private showroom.

The collection includes the world’s largest private collection of HEMIs, a stunning lineup of Plymouth Superbirds, and a 1970 Chevelle, known as the most powerful American car built from the factory, just to name a few!

Fink recently completed the new private museum to house his collection of nearly 140 vehicles. He previously kept a portion of his collection at a smaller building near 50th and Center Street. Most of the vehicles are American muscle cars from the 60s and 70s but there are some newer cars and trucks – all rare collector-quality. Fink says he loves to see people’s reactions as they walk into the building.

“People are blown away by what they’re seeing. There is nothing like this that I know of around here, in the midwest,” Fink said

Fink hires a person to attend to and clean each car weekly, even as they sit in the climate-controlled facility. The cars look more like jewels: gleaming from bumper to bumper arranged in neat rows. Fink started growing his collection about 20 years ago, but the most growth has taken place over the last ten years. He points out that there are “collections within the collection:” 26 HEMIs, a 429 Boss Mustang, multiple Corvettes, and a bright, beautiful lineup of Plymouth Superbirds.

“All these cars, regardless if it is a GM, Ford, or Chrysler, are all one-of-a-kind,” said Fink, an Omaha native who started Certified Transmission while he was in his 20s, said he is pleased to be able to help local non-profits.

“I want to share this collection for a good cause and I can’t think of anything better than opening it up to host a charity event,” he said.

“Duchesne is grateful to Mr. Fink for opening his private collection for this event. I had the chance to walk through the building and was awestruck. Even if you’re not a ‘car guy or car gal’ you could spend hours admiring the design and engineering of these machines,” said Eric Krakowski, Duchesne’s assistant principal.

The ticket into the event includes access to Fink’s private museum, the ability to freely tour the collection, gourmet food, and drinks. The event is open to anyone 21+. Proceeds benefit Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart.

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